Manufacturing of welding torches
Custom made TIG/MIG torches
deliverd within 24 hours

TIG-ER® Gas Saver Kit
Helps you produce high-quality welds on a consistent basis
for a variety of TIG welding applications

Custom made torches
Every length, connection and type is possible

TIG-ER® Welding Systems
The newest IGBT technology
combined with modern and practical design


Manufacturer of Welding and Cutting Torches

We are a leading manufacturer of Welding and Cutting Torches and all related components. With over 35 years experience in the welding industry, we manufacture and assemble all types of welding torches in any desired length and shape and deliver it through a professional dealer network worldwide.

Riconlas is the only manufacturer of welding torches who is capable to deliver custom made torches within 24hrs throughout Europe; assembled on customer specifications. Whether it is a torch of 4, 8 or 30 meters, we manufacture immediately the desired torch after the order in any length and with any machine side connection and ship it the same day to our European dealers.