About us


Since its start in 1978 Riconlas is leader in the Welding business with the manufacturing, assembling and repairing of all types of welding torches. With headquarters in Ridderkerk-The Netherlands and a subsidiary in France we provide many European dealers in Welding equipment with quality welding torches and their spare-parts. All products are marketed under the brand name TIG-ER and are available through a European dealer network.

Custom made

Riconlas is the only manufacturer of welding torches who is capable to deliver custom made torches within 24hrs throughout Europe; assembled on customer specifications. Whether it is a torch of 4, 8 or 30 meters, we manufacture immediately the desired torch after the order in any length and with any machine side connection and ship it the same day to our European dealers.


From our headquarters in Ridderkerk-The Netherlands we ship daily our products throughout Europe. We dare to say that we carry one of Europe ‘s largest stock of spare-parts for welding torches.


Since 1996, we participate in a joint venture in Shanghai-China. Here we manufacture many spare-parts which are sold in our European network. With a fleet of 15 CNC machines we produce most copper and brass parts in large quantities. 4 injection molding machines ensure the production of our plastic and Thermoplastic components. We have many molds for producing all kinds of connectors and torch connections.