In this particularly difficult time because of Covid-19, we must adapt and try to protect each other as much as possible. Certainly our healthcare staff and other contact professions where 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed! For this purpose, we have expanded an existing PAPR unit with one in collaboration with our partner in Asia
“Medical white air hood”
Instead of wearing ordinary personal protective equipment such as mouth caps of FFP2 / FFP3 type and wearing safety goggles and / or splash shield, there is now the possibility with this pressure system to fully protect your head against Covid-19 conditions.
The PAPR unit is equipped with a P3 level filter, equal to 99.996% filtering capacity @ 0.3um.
Advantages of this unit are:
• Increased safety
• No breathing resistance
• No stretch marks on the face from wearing face masks
• More comfort for spectacle wearers
• Healthcare staff are given a new look (no more photos on the chest for identification of colleagues)
• No more high consumption of regular mouth masks
In addition to medical personnel, this unit can be used in even more professional groups.
for example:
Dentists, dental hygienists, nail stylists, hairdressers, driving schools, facade and roof insulation, storage and transshipment of dusty products, etc.
The set consists of: PAPR unit, White AIR Hood, P3 filter, pre-filter, Hose, Battery, charger, manual
Pay attention:
This PAPR unit will also be available within a few weeks with a new range of welding helmets and grinding caps. So an addition to your package!


Here you can download or read the technical details

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